Lasst Gaza Leben! – Let Gaza Live!

People across the world protested on 3 January 2009 against Israel’s airstrikes in Gaza, calling for an immediate end to the violence as Israeli troops have entered the Palestinian region. Among other cities around the world Salzburg also saw some protests as about 2,300 people hit the streets of Mozart’s city. This was witnessed by an old Russian 35mm rangefinder camera, a Zorki 4 loaded with a roll of Fuji Superia 400.

About 21,000 people rallied in Paris, and about 10,000 hit the streets of London. There were also rallies in Madrid, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Athens. Smaller protests took part in Manchester and Edinburgh, while in Paris people chanted ‘We are all Palestinians’. A few people set cars alight in Paris and some windows were smashed, while protestors also made their view heard in Marseille, Lyon, Nice and Mulhouse. About 5,000 people protested in Milan, most of them supposedly immigrants. Athens, which as seen protests over many days now, today protested against the invasion, and some scuffles broke out in front of the Israeli embassy in the capital. Canadian cities also held protests today as people waving Palestinian flags denounced the Israeli offensive in Gaza, with demonstrations starting in Ottawa near Parliament Hill, with other protests springing up in Toronto. Events have been scheduled for Montreal and Vancouver as Palestinian-Canadians want to have their voices heard.
Israel has said that they are acting in self-defence, but the protesters do not seem to buy this answer.

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